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Will An Aggregated Social Graph Mean Privacy Violations?

An article in today’s New York Times ends by saying that 85% of California adults think sites should not track around-the-web behavior for the purpose of ad targeting. The rest of the article describes how many of the major commercial web companies do just that.

There’s a comScore graphic that shows how many times a month companies collect user data: Yahoo collects twice as often as Fox, which collects twice as often as AOL. Google (not including DoubleClick) comes up 4th.

This data, however, doesn’t include information entered on MySpace’s social network pages, and the article doesn’t cover Facebook. Even if web companies aren’t putting two and two together yet,... Read More

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Last Week’s Mixer an Inspiring Conversation-Starter

I just wanted to point out several great posts that are out there after last Thursday’s Supernova mixer at Wharton West in San Francisco.

Jeremiah Owyang, web strategist, was a featured discussion leader and posted at length about the evening, including photos. Jeremiah led the audience in a discussion about the Social Graph.

He lists some points that were made by the audience during the discussion, including:

- how to attract and keep participants (good user experience, limit spam, encourage the niche, improve the infrastructure with standards and APIs);

- how social networks can monetize (ads, downloading, subscription, ecommerce, market research);

- and the future of social networks (a few... Read More

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Supernova Mixer in San Francisco

Tonight’s Supernova Wharton mixer kicks off the Supernova season. Supernova 2008’s theme, Challenges For the Network Age, gets launched in style with a sold-out conversation with Jerry Michalski and Jeremiah Owyang, social media and Internet industry analysts extraordinaire.

Stay tuned for updates from the mixer!

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