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Last Week’s Mixer an Inspiring Conversation-Starter

I just wanted to point out several great posts that are out there after last Thursday’s Supernova mixer at Wharton West in San Francisco.

Jeremiah Owyang, web strategist, was a featured discussion leader and posted at length about the evening, including photos. Jeremiah led the audience in a discussion about the Social Graph.

He lists some points that were made by the audience during the discussion, including:

- how to attract and keep participants (good user experience, limit spam, encourage the niche, improve the infrastructure with standards and APIs);

- how social networks can monetize (ads, downloading, subscription, ecommerce, market research);

- and the future of social networks (a few big players and lots of niches, teens drive adoption, mobile, aggregation).

It strikes me that many of these points about social networks are really the same points we could make (and probably have) about websites generally. Plus ca change

Renee Blodgett posted her thoughts about the other discussion session, led by Internet guru Jerry Michalski, on new business and ad models. Some of the points she picked up on include:

- it’s all about virality or “what catches on”

- catchy jingles that grab the public’s attention rely on everyone watching the same three TV channels and are going the way of the dinosaur

- buying behavior is changing

- future lies in innovation, experimentation, listening, relationships, delivering on your promises

- strongest consumer is women over 30 but funded ideas are coming from men under 25 (Mary Hodder)

Renee then posted some portrait photos she took at the event. My personal favorite is one she didn’t take (because she’s in it). There’s cool-as-a-cucumber Renee looking for all the world like one of the Ramones and Rohit Khare with a skeptical little grin on his face. What was the photographer saying to get this reaction from these two?

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