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Supernova Interview: Beth Noveck, Deputy CTO, USA

Today at the Personal Democracy Forum event, US CIO Vivek Kundra announced the first “IT Dashboard” for manipulating data about how US taxpayer’s dollars are spent. (Good coverage at the NY Observer.)  After Kundra and new media director of the White House Macon Phillips left the PDF stage, Beth Noveck, Deputy US CTO for the Open Government initiative spoke with PDF co-founder Andrew Rasiej about her project. Noveck, the author of Wiki Government, has the rare opportunity of proposing a major change in public policy in a book and implementing it just months later. Using wiki-like collaborative tools like Mixed Ink and Idea Scale, her office is putting “we the people” into the drivers seat to answer questions like  “How can we strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness by making government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative?”

In this video interview, I ask Beth about these initiatives and about her vision for future “” initiatives.

We hope Beth will engage with the Supernova Hub audience, and that in turn our audience will join in her open process.

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