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More on The Network Age in China

On the heels of last week’s “China in the Network Age/Why Twitter and Facebook Should Forget About China” call (recording here), there were three great presentations that were shared by the presenters.  Most definitely worth checking out.

Number 1:

Comparison of Western Internet Companies in China v. Chinese Internet Companies in the World

Number 2:

A Market Cap Overview of China’s Top 30 Internet Companies (read the post here)

Rank Company Market Cap Stock Exchange Description
1 China Mobile US$ 214 Billion NYSE/SEHK Nationwide Mobile Telecommunication Provider
2 China Telecom US$ 39.71 Billion NYSE/SEHK Nationwide Telecommunication Provider
3 China Unicom US$ 32.44 Billion NYSE/SEHK/SSE Nationwide Mobile Telecommunication Provider
4 Tencent Holdings US$ 26.8 Billion SEHK Internet & Mobile Phone Value Added Service
5 Alibaba US$ 11.95 Billion SEHK B2B Trade & Online Retail
6 Baidu US$ 11.75 Billion NASDAQ Search Engine
7 Netease US$ 5.34 Billion NASDAQ Web Portal & Online Gaming
8 CTrip US$ 3.41 Billion NASDAQ Travelling Site
9 Shanda US$ 3.13 Billion NASDAQ Online Gaming
10 Sohu US$ 2.93 Billion NASDAQ Web Portal & Online Gaming
11 Changyou US$ 1.91 Billion NASDAQ Online Gaming
12 Perfect World US$ 1.89 Billion NASDAQ Online Gaming
13 Giant Interactive US$ 1.76 Billion NYSE Online Gaming
14 Sina US$ 1.6 Billion NASDAQ Web Portal
15 Focus Media US$ 1.14 Billion NASDAQ (Internet) Advertising (Allyes Information Tech.)
16 China Distance Education Hold. US$ 1.13 Billion NYSE Online Education
17 Kingsoft US$ 1.17 Billion SEHK Software Company
18 Kong Zhong US$ 428 Million NASDAQ Wireless Value Added Service Provider
19 Netdragon US$ 425 Million SEHK Online Gaming
20 US$ 405 Million NASDAQ Job Platform
21 Tom Group US$ 284 Million SEHK Media Company
22 CDC Corp US$ 269 Million NASDAQ Online Gaming (CDC Games) & Business Software
23 Giga Media US$ 240 Million NASDAQ Online Entertainment Software & Services
24 The9 US$ 228 Million NASDAQ Online Gaming
25 ChinaCast Education US$ 224 Million NASDAQ Online education
26 China Finance Online US$ 220 Million NASDAQ Financial Information Portal
27 eLong US$ 164 Million NASDAQ Travelling Site
28 ChinaEdu Corporation US$ 148 Million NASDAQ Online education
29 Linktone US$ 89 Million NASDAQ Interactive Entertainment Products
30 Hurray! Holding US$ 77 Million NASDAQ Wireless Value Added Service Provider

Number 3:

Inside Tencent: Q&A on the World’s Most Successful Internet Community

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