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Eric Clemons and the (Theoretical) Anti-Trust Case against Google

Professor Eric Clemons is no stranger to online controversy. His recent posts on the popular TechCrunch blog have generated hundreds of angry comments when he talked about the failure of online advertising. He was even thrown into a “Steel Cage Death Match” debate on the future of online advertising with SearchEngineLand editor Danny Sullivan. But what Eric and I discussed is a further fleshing out of his March, 2009 post about a Theoretical (and fictional as far as we know) anti-trust case that could be brought against Google.

In our talk, Eric describes how a top provider of services, the mid 1980s American Airlines’ Sabre and United Airlines’ Apollo computerized reservations systems, is like Google as the top provider of both search and the ads and results that go with them. There is a pretty in-depth discussion in this video of whether Google has monopoly power, and if it is using it to create artificial costs on those for whom consumers search.

Thanks to Professor Clemons for that in-depth discussion. He’ll be giving a Wharton Talk at Supernova on December 3rd in San Francisco.

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