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Supernova 2009: Real Time Flow Track

We’re excited to announce a special track at Supernova 2009: Real Time Flow, co-hosted by BT. Join us for a cutting-edge exploration of the shift from a web of static pages to real time streams of interactions.

Last year, our innovative Open Flow track considered the technologies and practices that allow information to move freely between users, websites, and organizations. In the months since then, many of the ideas that were radical then have gone mainstream. At Supernova 2009, we’ll address the next step: making use of open data flows in real time.

The Real Time Flow track, chaired by leading web technologist Tantek Çelik, will feature high-level participants from Google Wave, Microsoft’s Bing, Twitter, BT, and other key players and innovators. Sessions will include:

  • Going with the Flow: How do we go beyond static pages, posts, or tweets to systems that track the flows of activities as people experience them and share information with others?
  • Picture 7Sense Making: Real Time Search, Answers, and Discovery (Sponsored by Microsoft/Bing). How can we extract actionable knowledge out of the cacophony of interactions as they happen? Is real-time search just a faster version of searching the web, or something fundamentally new?
  • Frontiers of Real Time Collaboration: Software tools for collaboration have been around for decades, but have always fallen short of their potential. Are solutions built around sharing social interactions and content in real time the answer?

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