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Clips from Thursday’s thought leaders

In the final analysis, on this day, anyway, the Internet is human. That's the takeaway of dozens of Supernova conversations, whether they happened on Twitter with folks miles away from the conference or with the person right next to you in the room. The Internet, in all its technology and technicality, is a tool for intimacy. We just have to carve out the boundaries that protect our privacy, our talents, our corporate competitive differentiation, our social interaction, our governing systems. The thing is, we don't have the luxury of waiting for the Internet to pause. Like people, the Internet keeps flowing and leading us to new discoveries about ourselves and the data we produce. With luck, our closer proximity will generate and sustain the kind of trust only humans can do.

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An IKEA In Every Basement

by Christopher Carfi

AT SUPERNOVA 2009, Chris Anderson (Wired, @chr1sa) “beta tested” his newest thesis: “Atoms are the New Bits.”

Here is the presentation:

Supernova 2009: Chris Anderson (Wired) – Atoms are the New Bits View more presentations from Supernova Conference.

Here is the video (@chr1sa presentation starts at the 10:00 mark in this clip):

In his presentation, Chris noted that personal “3-D printers” can now be had for about $750, down from about $25,000 in 2004, which puts them in the range of... Read More

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