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Alec Ross on Innovation in Diplomacy

Alec Ross is Senior Advisor to Secretary of State Clinton at the State Department, and is in charge of maximizing the potential of technology and innovation in service of America’s Diplomatic and Development goals. He is trying to “take advantage of the innovation in connectedness and use the tools of the 21st century to create the best possible outcomes and solve age-old problems.”

In our talk, he describes a villager in a small town in Africa who’s as connected with his cell phone as many of us are, showing that the world has changed, and it is up to us to pay attention and adapt.

Alec also talks about how to break down the traditional high wall between government and the innovation and tools of the technology industry.

David Weinberger also grabbed an interview with Alec Ross, posted here from his blog.

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Deborah Schultz on Data in the Network Age

Deborah Schultz, partner in the Altimeter Group, discusses the value of Data in the Network Age. As someone who’s been working with top consumer packaged goods companies, Deborah has good clarity about what data is out there about customers. In this segment she looks 3-5 years out to a time when companies as well as customers can analyze customer behavior, to the benefit of both. There will be real time and stored data access to let us learn more about what we buy, how we act and how to save money or get better things for our money.
Deborah also discusses innovation design, bridging the gap between cutting edge technologies and companies that are just becoming ready to adopt them.

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Umair Haque on the Economic Value Crisis

Umair Haque spoke on the first day of Supernova, and appeared on the “Crisis? What Crisis? Strategies for a Connected World” panel on day 2.
In our talk, he summarizes his talks, giving us understanding of his theories about thick and thin value created by companies. He also discusses the way that companies can create more thick value – in other words, how they can be more productive for the company as well as society as a whole.

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Doc Searls on Telecom and Project VRM

Doc Searls, Fellow at the Berkman Center at Harvard, moderated the panel on Telecom as Software at Supernova on Day 3. Doc observed that it is still very early in the current cycle of telecom innovation, and even though we are able to treat some calls as data, most are still a challenge. He asks why we can’t switch carriers and networks when there’s connectivity on one but not the other.

Doc also describes the project he’s working on at the Berkman center, project VRM, which stands for Vendor Relationship Management. He tells us a little about what VRM means, and how it affects the relationships between customers and companies.

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Harriet Pearson of IBM on Privacy in Enterprise Social Media

Harriet Pearson,Vice President, Security Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at IBM, discussed Social Media in the Enterprise and how employees must consider both their public and corporate social media presences. There are challenges for security and corporate information as well as for brand reputation.

IBM started codifying their policies for blogging and participation in 2005. They continue to encourage employees to participate online, and have simple rules for engagement.

Recently IBM commissioned a survey with over 3000 people in 5 or 6 different countries, to see what they think about security, privacy, trust and the social web. Harriet covers some of the results in our discussion.

She also discusses the balance between sharing and being private online.

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Kendall Whitehouse: Supernova 2009 in Pictures

Kendall Whitehouse shot some amazing photos of Supernova 2009.

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Catharine Hays on the Future of Advertising

Catharine Hays, Project Director of Wharton’s Future of Advertising program, tells us why we should care about the Future of Advertising. The project seeks to reinvent the scope, practice and value of the word Advertising. It’s more about redefining what Advertising means, and looking at the audience, instead of being intrusive and interruption focused.

“Corporations have products we want, so why not have a good symbiotic relationship?” asks Hays. Customers have the power to destroy the advertisers who don’t fulfill their promises, and companies are starting to realize this. They are now recognizing that they must be part of conversations.

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