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Esme Vos on Broadband Competition

In this video, David Weinberger interviews Supernova attendee and MuniWireless founder Esme Vos on
“the benefits of competition among access providers, and what we’ve learned from countries that have enforced a structural separation between those companies that provide access to the Internet and those that provide content and services over the Internet.”

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Elliot Noss and David Weinberger on Broadband Strategy

Elliot Noss of Tucows

In this video from David Weinberger’s Broadband Strategy Week, Elliot talks about the lessons that we in the US can learn from Canada on the Broadband initiative.

This is sourced from David’s blog.

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David Weinberger and Anil Dash on Expert Labs

At Supernova, David Weinberger interviewed Anil Dash about his new project, Expert Labs.

David’s original post is over here.

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