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Supernova Policy Day

Supernova has a long history of bridging the divide between the technology and policy communities. We’ve had numerous government participants and speakers, including leaders from the White House, FCC, Department of Energy, and State Department last year. And we’ve held sessions on topics ranging from online privacy to network neutrality, well before they became major public issues.

Holding this year’s Forum only 120 miles from Washington DC will make it easier for policy experts from the US government, leading companies, and public interest groups to participate. To take advantage of the opportunity, we’re making the first day of the event, July 29, Supernova Policy Day. We’ll start with a... Read More

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Infrastructure and Platforms

There will be a session at the Supernova Forum on “Evolving Digital Infrastructure: Everything is a Platform.” As often happens, I wasn’t entirely sure what I had in mind when I defined the topic. I just had a sense there was a rich vein for conversation. Here are some of my current thoughts about the topic. I welcome your feedback and suggestions to help refine the session.

Fixing the topics for Supernova is a kind of magnet; it gets me to notice relevant developments. This particular topic brings together two important concepts that don’t quite overlap. One is infrastructure; the other is platforms. A number of friends such as... Read More

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Supernova Forum 2010

We’re pleased to announce Supernova Forum 2010: Perestroika, to be held July 30, 2010 at the Wharton School in Philadelphia, PA.

Supernova always seeks to stay ahead of the curve. When we started in 2002, open wireless access, crowdsourced event wikis, attendee blog aggregators, and real-time back channels were innovations that few other conferences incorporated. That tradition has continued. We began to move away from the standard conference format several years ago with our Challenge Sessions and Attendee Roundtables. Our Open Flow and Real Time Flow tracks the past two years utilized a variety of novel tools, from Google Wave to open conference calls to graphic facilitation, to enhance... Read More

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