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How Gen Y and Tech are Changing History

Take a few minutes and watch this video of Jared Cohen from the US State Department. In it, he discusses how technology’s spread to different countries is important for our diplomatic and economic future. This piece fits in quite well with the Supernova themes from the last several years.

2 Responses to “How Gen Y and Tech are Changing History”

  1. Jared is making a very important point: 50% of the world are under 30. Technology is their pencil, connector, community organizer, and game changer. Technology doesn’t chose sides. People chose sides. And so it’s only through education for innovation and positive participation with technology that we can inspire the under-30 to use technology as a positive global game changer. We must build and spread open learning platforms to help youth learn how to attack the world’s most urgent problems, e.g., poverty, lack of education, climate change, lack of drinking water; to foster open society. Spreading computational media literacy among youth and fostering their capacities to innovate, participate and create media messages through social media and games – is as basic as food. Peace.

  2. Howard Greenstein says:

    I’m aware of your long term interest in the subject areas you mention, so thanks for the feedback. We hope you’ll join us at Supernova.