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Supernova Video: Jeff Jarvis and the New Openness

At the Personal Democracy Forum I spoke with Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine blogger and associate professor and director of the interactive journalism program at CUNY.

When we talked about the Supernova theme of Peristroika,  Jarvis noted “The Internet changes the structures we see, and as Susan Crawford said at PDF, we tend to like to hack around things. But there still is a power structure that can have an impact on us.”
Jarvis is working on a book on “Publicness,”  in a recent blog post about the “Myth of the Opinionless Man” he the challenges of closed and non-transparent government. In our discussion he suggested we demand data from our government, so we can analyze it. Jarvis has seen some government data becoming public since last year’s announcements, but he says “We need to change the ethics of what is, and what is not open, coming from the government by default.” Open, in his opinion, should be the default.

You can see Jeff Jarvis speak further at Supernova this July.

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